Michael S. (Mick) Holmes, ACI, CRI, RT.

Mick is a Certified Real Estate Inspector by the American Society of Home Inspectors and National Association of Home Inspectors and a Michigan Licensed Residential Builder No.2101174592.  He is also certified as a Residential Measurement Provider for Radon No.104365 RT by the National Environmental Health Association National Radon Proficiency Program (NEHA/NRPP).

Our inspector is a member of professional organizations that require continuing education credits to keep its members up to date with the changes in the home building, maintenance, and inspection industry.  He is a founding member and past Vice President of the Michigan Association of Home Inspectors.  Mick served on the board of directors for the Michigan Chapter of the National Association of Home Inspectors (2008-2011) in addition to serving on the board of directors with the National Association of Home Inspectors (2011-2012, 2015-2016).

Our professional inspector is a third-party, independent of the transaction.  He visually inspects and detects adverse conditions in a home.  He investigates, operates, and systematically identifies the major systems and components of the home.

Our inspector addresses health and safety issues, making recommendations and counseling on repair options and maintenance.  As a buyer, be prepared to attend the inspection.  Professional inspectors will not perform or offer to perform any repairs to a home, eliminating potential for conflict of interest.

Health and safety concerns, adverse conditions and required re-sale corrections are discussed and documented by the inspector.  Issues can be anything from minor roof repairs to improper venting causing carbon monoxide emission or a fire hazard, or a defective light switch to structural failure.  Sometimes issues suggest maintenance, some require repair; all are health and safety issues that a buyer should be afforded the opportunity to review prior to the purchase of a home.    

An inspector is a trained generalist, identifying and sorting through the multitude of major systems and components.